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Medieval tavern Písek - MENU Welcome to our tavern, strangers.

It is our intention to treat you to fine food and many types of drinks.

Beer, wine, mead, or pure water will shower your dry throat in our noisy taproom. Given the fact that you are paying a visit to the Middle Ages, don't be surprised if a cheerful barmaid is bold enough... more


Something small with a mug of beer

- A plate of ham
From wild boar fed on beechnuts ((150 g)

- Pickled camembert in a spicy relish (1 pc)

- A drowned man from the local pond (pickled sausages) (1 pc)

- Greeting from our Slovak brothers
smoked cheese, sheep cheese, sour pickles, goat horns, a slice or two of bread, pickled Detenice beer... more



Soup of the day


For inveterate plant eaters

- Colourful salad with Detenice beer cheese for 1 - 2 people
tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, lettuce, sunflower seeds, croutons, daisies, beer cheese, mustard dressing


Something sweet

- Honey cake

- Homemade fruitcake baked by Filomena, topped with crumbs and whipped cream


Food for big gatherings

- 600g POOR TRAVELLER’S PLATE (for 1 - 2 people)
1 home-made sausage, slice of smoked meat, 3 chicken wings, corn on the cob, slice of apple, mushroom and oat patties, white mushrooms and bacon on a shish kebab, garlic and plum butter sauce, small loaf of bread

- 750g PLATE FOR MARAUDING KNIGHT (for 2 - 3... more


Food for feeding

- 900g Baked pork chops
with a golden glaze of honey and spicy sweet and sour sesame sauce, small loaf of bread

- 900g Smoked pork chops
flame broiled to golden perfection, with mustard and horseradish, small loaf of bread

- 6 Chicken wings
oat patty, corn on the cob, plum butter and garlic sauce, small loaf of... more


More food

- 1 kg pork knee cut out of a damned swine
(mustard, horseradish, bread)

- 400g Juicy smoked chicken leg
with plum butter and garlic sauce, corn and a small loaf of bread

- 1 Whole juicy tongue of Porky Pig
grilled with horseradish and Gaelic mustard, corn on the cob, small loaf of bread

-... more


After good food, smoke from a water pipe

- Water pipe (group smoking)
Flavors: apricot, vanilla, banana, strawberry, apple, fruit mix